About Me

Video games, coding, reading, circuits, rocketry, and computers. There are a lot of things I enjoy doing, and help me further my goals and vision. You may notice that this website isn't necessarily filled with features or stunning, and it was build that way with good reason. Rather than using a Wordpress or Wix template, I wanted this site to be functional and serve to just present myself and things I have done.

I currently live in Buffalo, New York and am going to UB in the Fall of 2024 since graduating from Williamsville East High School. A lot of the time, you can find me building things once an idea sparks. I was interested in programming and coding as a kid and found it fun to code games and other things.

One of my interests that I didn't curate until I was older was engineering, as I found it hard to collect and make things as a kid, compared to the ease of turning on the computer and coding whatever my heart desired. Once I did find out how to build and make things in the real world, my interests finally meshed and opened up a world of what I could really do.



During my time in high school, I was interested in model rockets, and often took time to make and launch rockets. One of the ways my compulsion to rocktery manifested iteself was during my junior and senior year at high school, where I co-founded the Computer Science and Aerospace club, where one of our largest focuses was rocketry. You'll find me in pictures with rockets and our make-shift rocket team launching in a couple places in NY. In the picture to the right, you can see me as I inspect my rocket after a sucessful L1 certification.